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Here’s an interesting fact: 1/3 of artists playing at SXSW have distributed music through TuneCore.

…and we think the world should know about it!

Are you a TuneCore Artist performing at SXSW? Awesome. We want to hear about your plans for Austin so we can feature you on our website and social channels during SXSW. When are your shows? What are you doing to get ready?

10 Reasons to Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

You put a lot of work into writing songs.  And because these compositions form the foundation of your career, you want to make sure they’re being treated properly.  A Publishing Administrator will represent your compositions and make sure you get all of the royalties owed to you from the use of your music around the world.  By getting a publishing deal with TuneCore, you’ll get a top notch team on your side, fighting on your behalf and giving you opportunities to maximize your songwriter royalty collection.

Here’s how we’ll do it…